Hooked on Solpadeine!



I can’t really say that OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a ‘specialist’ subject of mine! I do recall reading some literature somewhere


though which did look at percentages of people with OCD that are also addicted to some sort of substance.


I am unsure of the in’s and out’s of how each would affect each other, although I can see that for someone with OCD, it could be even harder


to come off something that they are addicted to. People with OCD tend to get into strict routines. These can be really simple things. Before we go


out of the house, it is normal for most people to check that the doors are locked, the oven is off, cigarettes are extingished etc. Someone with OCD


may check them twice ‘just to be sure’ or ‘because thats just what they have to do’.


I remember one case of OCD that I saw where someone was obsessive about cleanliness.


They would boil the kettle at least twice before using it to ensure there were no germs and this was just one little part of the ‘making a cuppa’ routine.


Because ofthis, it would take nearly an hour to make a brew!


These little things then become habbit, a routine or a list of events that cannot be broken. Changing that routine is like forgetting to


breathe. It doesn’t feel right and the more the mind dwells on them, the more it is compelled to do them.


As a result of this (and I’m guessing here – with a little science thrown in!) that if someone with an addiction to lets say Solpadeine,


also has OCD, taking those tablets would form part of that routine. It wouldn’t just be a case of breaking a mental and physical addiction to the drug,


but breaking a routine that is associated with an underlying disorder…. If you see what I mean…..Phew!


Well paracetamol can cause:


* skin rashes


* blood disorders


*swollen pancreas. These have occasionally happened in people

 taking the drug on a regular basis for a long time.


Codeine is alot worse:


* stomach bleeding


* kidney and liver damage


* constipation


* nausea


* tiny pupils, blurred vision, poor night vision


* lowered heart rate, blood pressure and breathing


* disorientation, hallucinations


* convulsions


* depression


* sexual problems agitation, tremors, and seizures



These are general side effects but the long term effect which


is most likely is addiction. I guess it’s dependant on how much you


take and over how long a period of time.


So don’t go on a solpadeine binge!


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  1. Solpadeine says :

    Being a pharmacist, one must have the right knowledge of medicines, its composition, usage and side-effects.

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