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Blackberry vs Apple ?

If you have to choose which phone to have which one would it be Blackberry or Apple?

please comment which one you would have and why you choose that phone



My IPhone 4 White 8Gb


I really loved my iphone4 it was fast on the internet and great for music, video and pictures. well when you have had enough entertainment and just want to make a simple phone call to your friend it packed up or rather you could be talking to your friend and it will just suddenly cut you off or the voice is so terrible you just cannot tell what each other is saying. as a Mobile Phone it was crap.. absolutely terrible but as a Smart Phone or (little computer) it was perfect…

anyone care to join in on this subject?

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AMD VS Intel?

What brand is yours?

Amd vs Intel

As most people know now computers are in our lives every second of the day. so what i want to do is have a vote with everyone around the world for their favourite gadgets.. weather being Intel or AMD or anything else you can think of. mine would be Dell OptiPlex 960, reason would be it’s a nice small compact desktop it’s really fast with its Intel Core2 Quad processor..

if you want to join in just leave a comment with the name of your favourite brand or send it to or on click on the FB picCapture